Raccoons Games

Game development company

Cross-Platform development

One product — many platforms. We don’t need to repeat the same project development for different kinds of devices, we make it one time and we can release it on all of the most popular platforms, that really saves your money and time. PC or MacOS, Android or IOS, Playstation or Xbox, WebGL or Facebook, or all of them at the one time — there are no any limits on the choice of your target market and users.

Open world

We know how to simulate realistic static or procedural open-worlds. We know how to provide to it a fast performance and optimization without losing details and activities on it. We know, how to build different kinds of scenes, how to make them large-scale and filled with objects. And we know, how to make the open world not a weak but strong aspect of your game.

Bot AI

We develop realism and flexibility bots behaviour in our games. In order to get more interesting interaction with them we imitate their temperament and mood, that affects their decisions and gameplay abilities. More diversity in behaviour produces more unprediction in gameplay and replayability.