Save Ukraine

Hello everyone, I hope you are safe while reading this post. I can't say the same about myself and our team. We created games to give positive emotions, to distract people from problems, to teach something new. But now we have one goal - to survive and help those in need.

We will take an active part in helping our people, women and children, victims of the war.

Who we are

We works with all stages of game development and deliver 2D and 3D game art, game design, gameplay development and solutions that match your vision.

Combining advanced skill with endless creativity, our team fills your game with awesome graphics, absorbing gameplay and other elements to make your audience speechless with admiration.

Game Development

We take care of everything: from the idea of ​​the idea to the creation of GDD, engineering, art and animation, economic design and level design.


The work we put into our high-precision wireframes ensures a smooth transition to visual design. We then integrate the UI design into the Unity game engine.

2D animation

We offer 2D animation outsourcing services to create professional grade animations using Spine 2D to bring any idea to perfection as much as possible.

Game VFX

We strive relentlessly to create footage that resonates with gamers and creates the best visuals for any circumstance to help the game reach its full potential.

Game design

Our team works with different gaming platforms and develops an amazing product that matches the client's vision and player preferences.


The most successful games start with a prototype. What you need to remember about the prototype game is that it follows the "Cheapest Way to Fun" rule.

How do we work?

Before starting the partnership we obligatorily sign the Non-disclosure agreement to maximize the safety of our client.

After the conclusion of a partnership agreement we prepare all the documentation for the game, draw sketches and in two weeks it will be possible to test the minimal prototype of the game.

In the early stages it's very important to understand whether the game mechanics have been chosen correctly and whether they generate interest among players.

5 years



Completed projects


Client projects installations


Personal projects


Raccoons Games is a really great work partner, efficient, with great communication, and is always learning and improving to keep up with the latest technology we use in games. An excellent partner for us in the past and in the future!

As always, Raccoons Game is my number one choice when creating hyper-casual or casual games in Unity. I continue to work with them thanks to the professionalism and quality work.