World of Microbes

Based on: Unity 2D

Released on: Google Play, App store


World of Microbes is a sandbox RPG game about micro beings and their life and development. At the moment, almost half a million have installed that game. Players love this game for its beautiful design, relaxive music, and many different mechanics.


We have designed a deep and fascinating in-game world that looks realistic, volumetric and beautiful. In order to bring more details and layers and save playability in mobile platforms, we struggle to make it as optimized as possible.



The game has one of the most customizable characters in the mobile games industry. Character editor allows you to change the form of microbe to any possible variation you want. You can attach very different and functional body-parts, that can really bring absolutely new mechanics and possibilities to your character. Also you can apply the color and texture to your character.


Game modes and mechanics

We designed such interesting game modes like an open world, battle royal, boss fight and even microbe football. In combination with many different microbe species, mechanics and skills, that are developed physically realistic (like that hook above), it produces a strong immersion and makes the player experience enjoyable.


We have calculated an optimal level-system, that allows you to apply new talents, attach more body-parts and fight with more powerful enemies. It allows players to enjoy their progress in the game and stimulates them to play more or take the advantages from the player monetization system.



The game was nominated in the Indie-game contest for the great sound-design and music accompaniment. Sound atmosphere dives you to the underwater journey by using many different sound transitions and loops, that helps you to feel every move and vibration. It’s accompanied by dynamic meditative and action music that was composed to change itself depending on the situation the player experiences.